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Jeff Allen is the cofounder of a successful nonprofit - Monkey’s House Dog Hospice & Sanctuary. Living a life among twenty-five hospice dogs has inspired him to start telling their stories, which led to his first book, an award-winning bestseller Where Dogs Go To Live. When he’s not saving dogs, he’s helping to improve peoples’ lives as a manager in Human Resources at a global Biopharmaceutical company.

Monkey’s House was established by Jeff and his wife Michele Allen in 2015. Their sanctuary, recognized for its outstanding work saving and caring for over 150 hospice dogs, was awarded Rescue of the Year in 2017 by World Dog Expo. The State of New Jersey - Senate and General Assembly honored them in a joint legislative resolution for their exemplary work through Monkey’s House. They were both named 2021 USA Today AnimalKind award winners.

You could say from his first written word his writing went right to the dogs. He started composing their stories to honor them and show the world that these “throw-away” dogs still had a life to live, and love to give and receive. Quickly he realized inspirational storyteller was a key ingredient in his non-fiction and fictional works. He thoroughly enjoys taking the reader on a unique journey, which always includes his dog’s personalities.

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