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Leashes In Heaven

Jeff Allen Author

From USA Today’s AnimalKind award winner Jeff Allen comes an unforgettable story about hope, passion, and devotion that shows the true meaning of everlasting love.

Will Josh embrace the passion of the woman he adored and lost?

The images in the attic of his memory dissolve any doubt. Much like the elderly dogs they had rescued over the years, it’s now his turn for a miraculous transformation.

Set amidst an extraordinary dog sanctuary, he now sees their mission slipping away, much like Maddie, his loving wife. Graced with tender memories, he keeps her spirit alive and their love unending. Josh not only gave her his heart, but continues caring for dogs through Maddie’s inspiration. 

Josh finds himself on a heavenly journey among angels, reunited with those he held in his arms as they crossed over. Cherishing once again being with the love of his life and furry family. What seems like an illusion, may indeed be a miracle.

“A sweet and endearing novel filled with love for romance enthusiasts, dog lovers, and everyone in between.”

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