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Hi, it has been quite some time since my last blog. I could assert that 2023 was a full year for me, but who couldn’t say that statement, it seems like life gets busier year after year… and I’m getting closer to retirement. I laugh when I tell people that it is fast approaching, they say I will have to find a hoppy to keep busy. Really! Darn, I thought caring for 20+- dogs, running the back office of Monkey’s House, and crafting books was a pastime -plus. Any ideas?

It feels good to be writing again. Once I get kicking, and words appear on the paper, okay, on a computer screen. I’m getting excited. When I start my writing project, I feel like I am scripting my very own movie. Much better than most I’ve watched over the past year, for sure. Poor movies inspire me to turn off the tube and head back upstairs to write. And yes, after I retire, I will turn one of my books into a screenplay.     

I have a couple of writing ideas swirling around. How does a romantic comedy with a young man who inherits his mom’s two dogs sound? He is working as an architect in a prestigious NYC architectural firm. One of the dogs, Eve, which he nicknamed Crazy Eve is leaving his romantic and professional life in shambles. Eve brings her big brother Bullwinkle with her from the West Coast. Bullwinkle is goofy and lovable, but very naïve. He’s the one always getting caught due to Eve’s mischievous pranks. This story is fictional; however Eve’s and Bullwinkle’s personalities mirror the real pups that were characters at Monkey’s House, now I’m sure causing mayhem at the bridge.


Another writing project is Courage. For those that read Leashes in Heaven, this is a prequel-plus to the chapter Having Courage. Not only is this a story about the bond between Tucker and his military working dog Courage, but also how two lost souls find themselves with the help of one another. Turning around each other’s lives into heroes. This novel is much more than a military story, it’s how two different species can bring out the best in each other, clearing their troubled past. Courage is a fiction novel.   


Lastly, my wife Michele asked me to write a non-fiction “How-To” book together. Traveling with your Pet. She wants to emphasize senior and palliative / hospice care dogs. I’d like to add a little levity to the book by inserting cute stories into each chapter. For you Monkey’s House followers, could you image JJ, a little sweet & sour chihuahua, traveling to his “pawscation.” Could be the next Trains, Planes, and Automobiles in the making with a wealth of information on vacationing with your dog.

I’m back baby! I’ll keep the blogs coming and soon you’ll know which project I’m undertaking. Finishing up my first blog of 2024 I now realize retirement will have to come soon… I have BIG hobbies to get done!

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Feb 27

Great to see blogs from you and Michele on the same day!! I admire the novel ideas that seem to come about with you so easily and eagerly await your next book!

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