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Leave Dog-Earing to the Experts

In regards to books, a dog ear is a folded-down corner of a page. The name refers to the ears of many breeds of dog’s ears that are flapped over. This is not the same as a dog’s ear that’s flipped inside-out; those are the ones you want to tell their parent to flip it BACK!

A dog ear can serve as a bookmark. Dog-earing is commonly used to mark a section or phrase in a book that the reader finds to be important or of personal meaning. However, using dog-earing as a place holding when reading a book is highly frowned upon by publishers and authors alike. Is it a little “uppity”? I guess so, but as an author I spend 1,000+- hours writing a book, it’s our baby, our masterpiece. Authors and I would love our readers to use a bookmarker.

I have a perfect solution to stop the wicked dog-earing on books. I’m providing a free bookmark to my readers. Not just any bookmark, a cute and clever one so you too can be kind to our masterful creations

Of course, the flapped ear on your pup is fine, just fix the one flipped inside-out ones already!

If you would like a bookmark please send a stamped self-address, legal sized envelope (bookmarks are 8.5” long) to:

Monkey’s House

P.O. Box 2332

Vincentown, NJ 08088

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